About Us

With much privilege we make you aware about Goodwin Qatar Wll and its range of activities. As far as an Organization is concerned the deepest principle is carving to be appreciated and we believe, that can be counted as one of the finest reason for our success. Answering all questions for the requirement of GRP and FRP products and claiming the depth of customer base Goodwin Qatar pave its line of success over a decade in GCC. Without compromising in standards and customer satisfaction Goodwin Qatar gained a worthy place as specialists in composites, with the current requirements of GCC. We are also in the line of civil construction gaining much applause by handling Private and Government projects. Widening its business horizon Goodwin Continues its journey with much pride without ignoring business values.

Growth & Development

GOODWIN growth has been remarkable since the growth has been affected within a very short span of time. We established under the name of GOODWIN QATAR WLLin the year of 2007.

Organization Structure

GOODWIN has a sound organizational structure and efficient management system totally committed to provide customer
satisfaction and places its continuous efforts in improving the quality of services offered.


GOODWIN recognized as a leading player providing construction and services offering comprehensive solutions to the
infrastructure development, connectivity requirements of businesses.


GOODWIN provides a continuum of diverse facility services that deliver outstanding value to each customer we serve.
We practice core values in work, giving our customers an experience of trust and customer advocacy that is unique in the
business. We seek to positively transform the built environment, serving customers in multiple industries and facility types.
GOODWIN conducts all our business relationships in a spirit of real partnership. Embrace discipline in delivering our services
to ensure consistency of performance and a passion to excel in an ever-changing environment. Perform in all our markets,
based on anticipating customer needs and responding with flexible facilities solutions, wherever and whenever we do
business. Embracing the principle that each employee is a resource that is to be continuously GOODWIN developed.
Provide a work environment in which all employees are treated with dignity, fairness and respect, and which balances
the needs of our business with those of GOODWIN employees and their families. Learning what GOODWIN customers think
gives us the opportunity to build on successes and improve shortcomings. What a client tells us in their survey drives the cycle
of continuous improvement and yields immediate benefits in better understanding and customer service.


The emphasis of the General Manager on the importance of qualified person in the organization bearing in mind that
they will add up to the assets of GOODWIN has prompted them to recruit the right kind of personnel.
GOODWIN is governed by General Manager that comprises of well-qualified professionals from engineering &
management disciplines with last one year of cutting-edge experience in the GRP sewerage Liner with Accessories
application for infrastructure industry. A team of efficient GRP works manufacturing & installation very dedicated group of
in-house staff working for the organization constitute our strength. GOODWIN constitutes very highly skilled and qualified
Executives, Engineers and Administrators to ensure providing a comprehensive range of Construction & Application
Services for infrastructure development & construction industry. The departmental heads are assisted by well-qualified,
multi-skilled teams with individuals that also have rich experience in multiple disciplines and construction industries.
Such a multi-skilled and multi-disciplinary team brings creativity, quality and efficiency to our processes, decision-making
and execution.


GOODWIN possess all the documentation as per the latest international standards ISO 9001:2008. The range of activities
includes all aspect of civil construction services.


GOODWIN work hard for you and let your dreams come true. Profile in a construction & infrastructure development industry
the service of builders and quantity surveyors is of paramount importance for the sake of own human settlement safety.
GOODWIN as a growing company is well equipped to work on projects, maintain attention to detail and work independently
and as a team.


GOODWIN emerges as one of the successful contractors in the respective and challenging infrastructure development
industry. The keep abreast with the vicissitudes of the industry, we hold ongoing training sessions in new materials
and methods. GOODWINteam is diligent and is heartily is working to meet the exacting requirements of our clients.
The understanding and experience of our professionals has helped us to create a facility that provides innovative and
unusual solutions. GOODWIN has evolved to meet the needs of their client base, whilst maintaining a balance that
enables them to handle projects varying greatly in size and scope. Every activity of the group is manned by qualified
professionals with latest software technologies resulting in exploring best performs and execution of projects to the
optimum satisfaction of our clients with a very high sense of quality, time and cost consciousness. GOODWIN approach
to the various designs of the projects starts with the careful and precise evaluation and understanding the needs and
requirement of our client and providing them with the best alternatives keeping in mind space utilization, functionality,
time frame and cost in line with their preset provisions.


GOODWIN overriding commitment is to the adding of value. Our projects determined to satisfy equally the key objectives
of excellence in design and execution. GOODWIN intention is to realize more than developments, our aim to create
a place a destination. GOODWIN sense of place is securely grounded in identifying a powerful rationale for
each development. GOODWIN believes that the long-term view makes sound business sense. GOODWIN favor design
principles that is timeless.

Human Resources

GOODWIN Company staff consists of well-experienced and trained professional, technical, skilled and semi-skilled employees.
Examples of our non-administrative staff sinclude: Engineers in Electrical, Civil, Mechanical, Design, etc., Technicians GRP products
manufacturing, application section & moldings section and tradesmen carpenters, masons, painters, plumbers, electricians
and semi-skilled cleaners and helpers.

Site Visit - Infrastructure & Office Automation

The main office is located in No: 2, Thuraya Building, Salwa Road, Doha – State of Qatar. The office is control
all management functions for executive and senior management with engineers, business developments,
finance, procurements, quantity surveyors, design, planning and administrative support staff. Store & Factory
are maintained in Doha industrial area to stock materials for long and short-term contracts / projects and daily
GRP productions. Clients and Consultants are welcome to visit our premises, at any mutually convenient time
to meet with our management, review our facilities and to observe our operations.