A Few FRP Products We Offer

  • Ladder
  • Safety Cages for Ladders
  • Molded Gratings
  • Pultureted Gratings
  • Fence
  • Platform
  • Hand Rails
  • Cable Tray
  • Tent Pole
  • Radome
  • Military Radome


  • Round Tube
  • Square Tube
  • Rectanguler Tube
  • Round Solid Bar
  • Square Sold Bar
  • Rectanguler Sold Bar
  • I Beams
  • Angle Bar
  • Chanels
  • Corrergarted Sheets


FRP pultruded profile is coated glass fiber mat dense continuous glass fiber manufactured. Transmission of dense fiber
makes very tenacious, strong profile, vertical bending strength and impact strength of the absolute value of more than
ordinary steel. The use of glass fiber mat increased profile lateral strength, and rich resin layer formed on the surface to
have good anti-corrosion properties, such as anti - fragmentation.

FRP pultruded profile has property such as corrosion-resistant, lightweight high strength, dimensional stability, and with
insulation at the same time, thermal conductivity, flame retardant, easy maintenance, and other aesthetic features,
it is the traditional materials such as steel, aluminum, lumber compared to almost no maintenance costs. FRP pultruded
profile has tube, angle, the control channel, I-beam, T-beam from the FRP pultruded profile connector molding and
assembly platforms and 10% of the chemical guardrail system is resistant, lightweight high-strength, structural solid,
pleasing in appearance, easy installation, and other characteristics.


The petrochemical industry: As FRP excellent corrosion resistance, in the oil and chemical industries widely used in electrical
and pneumatic lines stent, generators radiators, stairs and handrails, operating platform aisle, storage tanks, power distribution
panels and distribution Housing, drains and drainage systems, berths identifier and submarine identifier, the oil well sucker rod,
tower packing for the stent, and so on.

Electric: Because of its excellent electrical properties, glass pipe, rods are widely used for insulation supporting components,
antennas column, high voltage Cable Bridge, and the high voltage power supply operating rod. Transportation: trains, cars
used in pressure bar, corner boards, also can be used as highway guardrail, sound-absorbing panels, anti-reflection plate,
and so on.

Construction: can be used for roof support, building parapet wall, such as strengthening grille.


  • Pultruded Grating
  • Moulded Grating
  • Grating With Cover

The FRP Pultruded grating is fabricated using"I" FRP profiles ,FRP rods and FRP tubes, with a lot of mesh on its surface.


By using FRP "I"profiles as bearing bar, using rods, tubes etc as rail, with adhesive or bolt, we connect bearing bar and rail
together tightly at a given space to prevent from movement, This unique fabrication technique can make FRP grating meet
all kinds of use requirement. This structural body can be cut or drilled easily without being disassembled.


The pultruded grating has a very strong strength, where the span is less than one meter, the small forklift etc.
can pass through safely.


The FRP grating has excellent corrosion resistance against acid,alkali,organic chemical, and salt etc. It has more unique advantages
than other metals in anti-corrosion field.


The FRP grating is integrally constructed for a high strength. The specific gravity is 1.8g/cm3. Its specific gravity is only 1/4 of steel,
2/3 of aluminium. The FRP grating distributed evenly loading to all parts on it. The strength is 10 times as much as hard PVC,
the absolute strength is more than aluminium, and reach the normal steel's level.


Compared with carbon steel, the FRP grating offers low cost, long life(more than 20 years), no maintenance, although the first
investment is higher than common carbon steel. So it is more economic in terms of the total benefit.


For normal resin, its fire retardance can reach the first class of ASTM E-84 standard, flame spread rate 25, or oxygen index is
more than 26, when fire- retardant agent is added to the formula, the fire retardance can reach 34-36;the phenolic resin
has an excellent fire retardant property, oxygen index(GB8924) up to 100, flame spread rate(ASTME-84) is 5, smoke density is 10.
The molded phenolic grating have a very low smoke and toxic fume, often used in confined space, subway, offshore platform
and other applications etc. to reduce the risk.


The FRP product provides a superior non-conductive property, its insulation grade can reach H-F level, and generally applied
in high voltage area.


Because of FRP grating's slight resilience; it can make the workers standing on comfortable. Used as working platform, it lessen
the worker's strain to reduce the accident happened and increase the productivity. So FRP grating is highly appreciated by