Safety, Health, Trust, Efficiency, Confidence and Environmental is our basic Policy & Procedures. We are to abide by the Laws, Acts and Decrees stipulated by the Government of the State of Qatar or any other authority with whom contract has been entered into, concerning the Health, Safety & Environmental conditions whilst operating in the State of Qatar.

Health, Safety & Environment

GOODWIN personals monitor the entire proceeding of the accident prevention plan. The safety plan is familiarization with Qatar Petroleum's Safety Regulations. Our personnel on site will be wearing Safety Footwear, Overalls, Safety Glass, Helmets, Safety-glass & Dust Masks. Any activities being done at 1.80 meter and above elevations, scaffolding of standard sizes should
be used and wear a suitable safety harness and line properly attached. During darkness, fences, covers or barricades shall be
clearly visible by the use of flashing lights. We will be providing fire extinguishers all the strategic location of project site.
All activities, which carry in the factory or on the sites, are subjected to a strict compliance of Safety Policy.


GOODWIN is committed to provide the client with high quality workmanship by its well-experienced personnel and
documented quality control procedures, which are developed in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 standards.
We have developed a well – informed and vast experienced personnel team, whether the projects are successful and
the client is fully satisfied. We are actively engaged in the implementation of quality assurance system, which meets the
requirements of International Standards. Quality is our philosophy – it is the mainstay for all decisions and activities at Cords.
Quality does not stop us, it covers every facet of our business – customer interface, product design, choice of vendors,
manufacturing process, human resource development and customer service etc., our total quality approach enables us
to satisfy and even exceed our customers' expectations. We are known for our customer service, timely and efficient
execution. We incorporate a high degree of quality and competency that reflects both the company's reputation and the
achievement of a high level of customer satisfaction. We apply modern techniques to architectural structure and
civil engineering disciplines that give us an edge over others.