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The GRP Ducting Systems are specially designed and manufacture for the environments protection. The Ducting Systems are manufactured with low maintenance, low cost and extreme durability in mind. The circular type can make filament wounded winding methods and Ducting Systems are offers an ideal solution to many industrial infrastructure problems.


The GRP Ducts joint procedure applicable for in situ GRP-Glass reinforced plastic lining or wrapping application on GRP Ducts surfaces in the joint area. GRP Ducts wrapping applications are using a costume GRP by hand lay-up application of vinyl ester resin or isophthalic resin and various types of glass fibre. The thickness can consider upon the pressure or as per the client requirement. Costume design GRP Ducts joints wrapping can apply as per client requirements. 


The procedures described below will allow the installation of an impermeable, tightly adherent glass fibre reinforced laminate GRP Ducts joints. The application will be carried out as per the project specification & requirements, according to drafted technical methods of application as deemed necessary including all incidentals.

  • Fire Retardant

Complies with ASTM-E84 and BS 476 standards. Our standard finish is a fire-retardant resin, construction will provide half hour fire resistance, compliant with BS 476 part 22 (retention of stability, integrity and insulation). Fire retardant resin is used to form a self-extinguishing laminate to BS 476 part 7, class-2 (surface spread of flame). Increased levels of protection can be offered if required. The products are tested as per QCS 2014 specification ASTM E84.


Appears smooth on the inside area, the side in suitable for air flow and clean purpose, the external side of the GRP Ducting Systems is natural finish of glass reinforce plastic, upon the client and projects specifications can change the colours. The preferable colours for GRP Ducting Systems are grey or white colour

  • Easy to Joint

These permanent joints, which consist of a laminate of glass fibre mat and tissue with resin, predominantly use directly at job site, these types of joints guarantee safe and long-lasting connections that accommodate all axial strengths.  Ducts joint wrapping with GRP can be done at temperature unlike rubber linings, which require vulcanizing. This Ducts joint wrapping offers excellent physical strength and in general much better impact, it has capacity to withstand temperatures up to 80°C in most our applications. No rusting, peeling or flaking even under the most aggressive conditions in any part of the world. Predominantly use directly at job site, these types of joints wrapping guarantees safe and long-lasting connections that accommodate all axial strengths.

  • Special Feature

GRP Ducting Systems can be done at temperature unlike rubber lining, which require vulcanizing, GRP being a non- permeable material completely eliminates the chances of soaking the highly harmful air discharges, thereby ensure the protection from chemical corrosion also which ultimately contributes to the longer life span. Our methods of manufacturing offer excellent physical strength and in general much better impact, it has capacity to withstand temperature up to 80°c in most applications.  By virtue of its superior material characteristics, GRP Ducting Systems have become the ultimate choice replacing steel ducts for different process airflow for underground and aboveground applications. Well-engineered GRP Ducting systems can be totally forgotten after installation for its life period without catholic protection or periodic maintenance and for this reason, GRP Ducting systems are called as “ZERO-MAINTENANCE DUCTING”. International Codes and specifications are available for GRP Duct design, construction, testing and installation. All service requirements are met by the GRP ducts in total by suitable and appropriate design. On the cost front, with optimum engineering and productivity matching the best of industries worldwide, we can compete with steel, ductile iron and other conventional GRP Ducting Systems material.

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