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GOODWIN is a company specializing in molding composite material. We have focused our operation on water treatment business, taking one step closer to pursuing environment friendly business for better life of human beings. And, as a promising venture firm, our Panel tanks are manufacturing with GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) SMC (Sheet Molding Composites) production process of Panels. We are supplying and installing all sizes & kinds of Panel Tanks. Our Panel Tanks designed to satisfy the following basic requirements by ideal of storing for clean drinking water. The advantage of our Panel Tanks is Long life, Clean & Hygienic, Non-Leakage, Stable Construction, Shock Resistant, Easy for Assembly. In addition to a high endurance capability against cracks resulting by environmental factors. Also, they can withstand high temperature beside hygienic advantages. Satisfy all safety requirements such as strength, durability and stability, now we are able to adjust the water tank capacity according to the size and structure of the buildings. These products are solid and have antibacterial coating contrary to ordinary tanks. We have also taken care while design these tanks that they should be rust proof and prevent leakage. We make all efforts to guarantee higher Hygienic level for our client needs. This is by provision of convenient method for ideal storage of portable & drinking water with the application of us.


Utilizing maximum capacity in the basement or other confined areas, it is possible to eliminate unusable space and utilize the maximum space, by installing a partition-type tank. Various uses if a partitions type tank is installed, one section can be used for drinking water, and the other section for service water (Fire-fighting).  Easy maintenance it is convenient for maintenance because two tanks can be installed as one unit. If tanks for two different uses are needed in a confined area or boiler room, a partition tank can be installed to use half for drinking water, and half for service water. If separate tanks are installed, however, you must install two tanks, because you need to have one (1) meter distance between tanks for maintenance and operating space...


Electric shock resistant. High endurance capability against cracks resulting from environmental factors. Withstand high temperatures besides hygienic advantages. Rust-proof Protected with ultra-violet rays. Less permeable to air to protect smells and contaminants from the outside. It will not break down as quickly in sunlight and varied temperatures. Naturally resistant to chemicals and gases keeping your drinking water quality safe & clean. Reflective white color. Anti-bacterial coating. Another clear advantage of the GOODWIN tank is that the flexible design options of GRP Panel tanks make them more easily adaptable to a wide variety of water and wastewater needs.


Hot-pressed molded compound (SMC) at 150° C and 100 Kg pressure per cm² produce a uniform panel of solid homogenous construction. The average serviceable life for panels in normal conditions without maintenance is ± 40 years. Tested for heavy impact, weather, loads, settling, and earthquakes. Safety factor of 8 x above maximum anticipated load. Option of pre-insulated panels to avoid the risk of freezing.


Convex base panels, with exclusive synthetic rubber sealant, create a self-sealing characteristic, which is enhanced as water pressure increases.  Eliminates painting of the external tank surface, and zero maintenance Exclusive design of convex bottom panels with flexible rubber sealant is most effective against the risk of leakage. Accessible from all sides including bottom for easy visual inspection.


Components for a complete tank up to 18m³ may be packed onto a single pallet for efficient transport. Individual panels may be carried to the final assembly point, with no lifting equipment required. Assembly is straightforward, GOODWIN special skills personal assembling easily.  The main advantage of partitioned water tanks is that each compartment can be used as a separate water tanks while consuming less space than separate tanks.


Safe for potable water storage, rustproof, and fight the Growth of bacteria. 100% hygienic inside and outside which does not harbor any foreign materials.

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