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GRP Solid Covers and Gratings are designed and manufactured with low maintenance, low cost, and extreme durability in mind. These covers offer an ideal solution for various applications, including:

- Water Department Tanks
- Electric Department Manholes
- Public Works Authority Projects
- Telecom Company Projects

They are also suitable for all kinds of manhole covers. Various resins are used in manufacturing GRP Solid Covers and Gratings to suit different environments. Glass Reinforced GRP Solid Covers are well-suited for aggressive environments, including those with extreme weather or high temperatures. These covers provide excellent resistance to fire and corrosion, resulting in a very long lifespan. 

Our manufacturing methods, combined with the use of high-quality EPDM rubber gaskets, ensure compliance with all kinds of IP standards.

High strength E-glass roving reinforcement, molded into GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) Solid Covers and Gratings, creates a robust flooring system suitable for safe pedestrian traffic across a variety of spans. GRP Solid Covers offer an efficient solution for walkways and decking areas that demand long-term performance in highly aggressive and corrosive environments. Constructed from glass reinforced thermoset resins, these Solid Covers are an excellent alternative to traditional steel and aluminum flooring systems in such harsh conditions.

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