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Goodwin aspires to be recognized as a premier provider of construction services, offering comprehensive solutions to the infrastructure development sector and meeting the connectivity needs of businesses. To become the preferred manufacturing company for the Glass Fibre industry providing world-class products to satisfied customers through continuous improvement driven by integrity, teamwork & creativity of our team.


GOODWIN provides a continuum of diverse facility services that deliver outstanding value to each customer we serve. We adhere to core values in our work, providing customers with an experience of trust and customer advocacy unique in the business. We seek to positively transform the built environment, serving customers in multiple industries and facility types. Our business relationships are conducted in a spirit of real partnership. We embrace discipline in delivering our services to ensure consistent performance and a passion for excellence in an ever-changing environment. We perform in all our markets by anticipating customer needs and responding with flexible facility solutions, wherever and whenever we do business. We recognize that each employee is a resource to be continuously developed. We provide a work environment in which all employees are treated with dignity, fairness, and respect, balancing the needs of our business with those of our employees and their families. Learning from our customers' feedback allows us to build on successes and improve shortcomings, driving a cycle of continuous improvement and yielding immediate benefits in better understanding and customer service. 


GOODWIN has experienced remarkable growth since its establishment in 2007, achieving significant milestones within a short timeframe. Businesses that prioritize growth and development invest in providing ample opportunities for their workforce to expand their knowledge, expertise, and capabilities, enabling them to take on more responsibilities and contribute to the organization's success.


The director's focus on recruiting qualified individuals underscores their recognition as valuable assets to GOODWIN. Under the leadership of our director, our team consists of highly skilled professionals from engineering and management disciplines, each boasting cutting-edge experience in GRP sewerage Liner with Accessories application for the infrastructure industry. Our dedicated in-house staff, specializing in efficient GRP works manufacturing and installation, forms the cornerstone of our organization's strength. We have assembled a team of highly qualified Executives, Engineers, and Administrators to ensure the provision of comprehensive Construction & Application Services for the infrastructure development and construction industry. Supported by competent departmental heads, our multi-skilled team, with rich experience across various disciplines and construction sectors, brings creativity, quality, and efficiency to our processes, decision-making, and execution. 


GOODWIN is committed to diligently serving you and realizing your aspirations. In the construction and infrastructure development industry, the expertise of builders and quantity surveyors is crucial for ensuring human settlement safety. As a growing company, we are well-prepared to undertake projects, maintain meticulous attention to detail, and operate both independently and collaboratively as a team.


GOODWIN emerges as one of the successful contractors/builders in the challenging infrastructure development industry. To stay abreast of industry dynamics, we conduct ongoing training sessions in new materials and methods. Our diligent team works wholeheartedly to meet the exacting requirements of our clients. The understanding and experience of our professionals have enabled us to create facilities that offer innovative and unique solutions. We have evolved to meet the diverse needs of our client base while maintaining a balance that enables us to handle projects of varying sizes and scopes. Every aspect of our operations is managed by qualified professionals equipped with the latest software technologies, ensuring optimal performance and execution of projects to the satisfaction of our clients, with a strong emphasis on quality, timeliness, and cost efficiency. Our approach to project design begins with a meticulous evaluation and understanding of our clients' needs and requirements, providing them with the best alternatives tailored to considerations of space utilization, functionality, timeframe, and cost in line with their stipulated provisions.


GOODWIN QATAR, a leading manufacturer of high-quality Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) Products & Pipes. With over 26 years of hands-on experience in the industry, I have dedicated my career to perfecting the manufacturing methods and pushing the boundaries of GRP manufacturing.


Throughout these years, I have overseen the development and production of a diverse range of GRP products, ensuring that each one meets the highest standards of durability, efficiency, and innovation. Our company has grown from a small startup into a reputable business, known for our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.


My journey in this industry has equipped me with a deep understanding of the technical intricacies and evolving market demands of GRP products. I am passionate about leveraging this knowledge to continue delivering exceptional products and driving forward the growth and success of GOODWIN QATAR CO.


In addition to monitoring a changing marketing environment, Marketers also need to develop specific knowledge about particular markets. Good Marketers want information to help them interpret past performance as well as plan future activities. Marketers need timely, accurate and actionable information on customers, competition and their products. They need to make the best possible tactical, decisions in the start run and strategic decisions in the long run.


Discovering a customer in sight and understanding its marketing implementations can often lead to a successful product launch or spur the growth of a brand. The name and business strength that has been earned by our organization today is due to the professionally equipped and able staffs, and good knowledge of serving the customers to their satisfaction. This is further enhanced by the innovative ideas of the Management, who strive from time to time in creating awareness and keeping the company at pot to the latest development of today's world.


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GOODWIN's primary commitment is to adding value. Our projects are designed to equally satisfy the key objectives of excellence in design and execution. Our aim is not merely to develop, but to create destinations. Our sense of place is grounded in identifying a compelling rationale for each development. We believe in taking a long-term view as it makes sound business sense. Our preference for design principles that are timeless underscores our commitment to enduring quality and relevance. 


We are pleased to present an introduction to our company. Established in 2007, headquartered Located in New Doha Industrial City in Qatar. We is recognized as a high-end GRP composites products manufacturer since we started company. Goodwin was originally set-up to facilitate the construction of several major projects in the country. Goodwin having expertise in state of the infrastructure GRP Composite products and GRP Pipes manufacturing technology, sophisticated equipment’s and advanced engineering techniques of manufacturing.

Our primary focus lies in meeting the demand for high-quality GRP Composite products with Pipes and Liners for the infrastructure sector. We are encompassing construction and specializing in the Manufacturing & Installation. 


Over the past years, we have earned recognition as a leading manufacturer & contractor in Qatar, with a robust presence across numerous contracting ventures throughout the country. Our success in this industry stems from our commitment to maintaining exceptional client relationships, delivering prompt service, and adhering to stringent standards of quality. We ensure our clients' satisfaction and uphold the stellar reputation of our products.


As active contributors to the burgeoning Qatar and other Middle east countries infrastructure construction industry and regional development initiatives, our extensive portfolio of large-scale infrastructure and industrial projects stands as a testament to our ongoing growth and success. We remain steadfast in our dedication to delivering the highest quality GRP Composite Products and GRP Pipes & Liners with Complete Accessories, ensuring our clients' needs are met with precision and excellence.