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GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) insulated Kiosks and enclosures are specialized structures designed for various industrial and commercial applications. They offer robust protection and insulation, making them suitable for housing sensitive equipment and systems

GRP Insulated Kiosks

Made with GRP Glass reinforced plastic, which is a composite material consisting of plastic reinforced with fibres of glass. The Kiosks are typically lined with insulating materials to protect the internal environment from external temperature fluctuations. Goodwin experienced technical persons can be moulded into various shapes and sizes, providing flexibility in design.

GRP Enclosures

The enclosures are constructed from glass reinforced plastic, offering strength and durability. Goodwin can manufacturer in various designs, including wall-mounted and free-standing models.

GRP insulated kiosks and enclosures provide a robust, versatile, and low-maintenance solution for protecting sensitive equipment in a variety of settings. Their durability, resistance to environmental factors, and excellent insulating properties make them a preferred choice for industries ranging from utilities and telecommunications to industrial and marine applications.


Typically rated for IP (Ingress Protection) to safeguard against dust and water ingress.

Locking Mechanisms

Equipped with secure locking systems to prevent unauthorized access.


Resistant to corrosion, Superior resistance to weather conditions, including rain, sandstorm and extreme temperatures and UV radiation, making them ideal for outdoor use. Long-lasting with a high resistance to impact, chemicals, and environmental conditions.


Easier to transport, Lightweight and easy to install, with various mounting options available.

Electrical & Electronic Housing

Often used to house electrical distribution panels, transformers, and electronic equipment.


Serve as shelters for telecommunication equipment, protecting sensitive electronics from environmental factors. Non-conductive properties make them safe for housing electrical equipment.

Utility Services

Commonly used by utility companies to house meters, control systems, and monitoring



Can be used for security monitoring systems and as protective kiosks for surveillance equipment.

Industrial Applications

Used to house control panels, switchgear, and other industrial equipment.

Outdoor Installations

Ideal for outdoor installations, such as traffic control systems, water treatment facilities.

Hazardous Locations

Suitable for use in hazardous environments due to their non-corrosive and flame-retardant properties.

Marine Applications

Resistant to saltwater corrosion, making them suitable for marine environments.

Low Maintenance

Require minimal maintenance due to their durability.

Thermal Insulation

Provides excellent thermal insulation, protecting internal components from temperature extremes.


Can be designed to blend with the surrounding environment, offering an aesthetically pleasing solution and can be tailored to specific needs in terms of size, shape, and additional features like ventilation or heating systems.


Non-conductive and flame-retardant properties enhance safety for electrical and electronic



Can be used in a wide range of applications, both indoors and outdoors.

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